Toca Store

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Toca Store

Toca Store is a store play set that inspires imagination and role play. The Toca Store allows the players to try out roles a storekeeper or customer and works on social and mathematical skills.

Toca Store

What we think

This app is play based and therefore does not have a theoretical underpinning as such. It does however suit a child’s interest in its bold, colourful graphics, engaging animations and easy to follow process.

Yes, this app is very easy to use. It has very engaging graphics which would appeal to a child. Initially, it might take an adult to explain the concept of filling the baskets before you can make a purchase, but the graphics bounce and light up which indicates they need to be touched to progress to the next action.

Yes, the app is multiplayer which allows for sharing and turn taking with different people. The app can be used purely for play, to teach basic mathematical skills (addition, subtraction, money management) and social interactions around making purchases.

The app is non competitive and does not have motivators as such. The app is completely individualised in terms of the user having choice in how the game is played i.e. single player to practice counting, multiplayer to sell items to a friends.

Yes, this app would suit early childhood to school aged children. As mentioned, the app could be used to teach counting, sharing or as a social teaching tool around purchasing items at a shop.

Yes, the app can be individualised as the user has choice over how the game is played with no timers, limits or restriction which allows for good flexibility.

Yes,  the app is a play based tool which is engaging and can be individualised. The app is intended to teach basic counting skills which it also does in a fun and interactive way.

There are no suggestions for future improvements in this app.

I liked that the app can include a multi player component which can create a social element to play. It is also well designed with colourful motivating graphics and animations which help to indicate how to play the game for children who may not be able to read yet.


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Age Ranges: Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Games/Motivators Maths/Numeracy
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