Christmas Pics Quiz Game

By Poptacular Ltd

Christmas Pics Quiz Game

This is a fun Christmas themed app where you get to guess what picture is hiding under some frames. Once you’ve guessed what is in the frame, then you need to spell out the word. The less clues you use, the more points you receive.  

Christmas Pics Quiz Game

What we think

No, the app is created as a recreational and fun app for people to enjoy. 

Yes, once downloaded you are not required to create an account, or sign in to use the app. 

Yes, the game can be used as a reward or in a motivating way but it can also provide opportunities for an individual with Autism to make “smart guesses”. The app only slowly reveals visual clues, requiring you to guess the image. Literacy skills can be developed as the individual is required to spell out the word. Some of the more challenging pictures, also require the individual to understand word relations. 

 Yes, the pictures you accurately guess provide the user with coins. The less clues (e.g. hints and frames clicked) results in more coins. You can also use your coins to choose different categories and themes to play a similar game once Christmas is over. 

Yes, it can be used for a variety of age ranges. There are requirements for the user to be able to read, but can be suitable for emerging readers. The user also requires the ability to navigate use of an app. 

No, the levels appear to be randomised. The game starts off with 4 letter words but becomes more challenging as you level up. 

The app can be used for both recreational and learning purposes. The app provides opportunity to increase vocabulary related to Christmas, and targets both literacy and language skills. 

The app is quite comprehensive given it a free app. However, it could improve by providing a How-To-Play page to support people who are using the app for the first time. 

This app is free, fun and festive. This is an app that individuals of all ages can enjoy. The app can also promote literacy and language development whilst enjoying the festivity of Christmas.  


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour, Numeracy, Intercultural, Information & Communication Technology

Fine Motor Skills Games/Motivators Language Literacy Maths/Numeracy Miscellaneous Organisation and Independence Social Skills
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