Auditory Workout

By Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Auditory Workout

Auditory workout is a colourful and engaging comprehension based application. It incorporates graded verbal instructions with positive basketball-themed reinforcement. The app aims to promote improvements with auditory attention, memory, processing of verbal directions. It also incorporates multisensory approaches with pointing, swiping, and noises all incorporated as the user plays. It has been created by a certified speech pathologist and is research based. The app is targeted towards children from approximately four to ten years of age who have auditory processing as well as related disorders such as receptive Language difficulties and Autism.

Auditory Workout

What we think

The app has a research base behind its development which aligns with management of auditory processing disorders. It also engages the users Fine Motor skills as well as positively reinforces accurate responses- which aligns with research on Autism.

Is the app easy to use? The app is designed is a user friendly format. The home page has options to start, adjust settings, and look at reports produced on performance. The text is basketball themed and easy to read in large print. Each section is touch assessable and there is a user ‘how to use’ and ‘description’ section about the app. This section labels all the button functions in the app the user might come across so you know exactly what buttons to press.

The app can be customised to suit many users and their individual comprehension skills. Instructions range in complexity and include up to 15 levels of difficulty. The instructions are divided into four categories:
– Basic
– Quantitative and spatial
– Temporal
– Conditional
Users can select the instruction types to train they can even select a combination of mixed levelled instructions to alter the way they train over time.

There are age appropriate motivators including a small basketball appearing after each correct answer. Then after 5 and 10 correct answers the user is rewarded with playing virtual basketball. There is the option to select basketball for younger and older users. Also to ‘play later’ and ‘continue’ with the instructions.

The app is designed to build auditory processing of verbal instructions so its best used by people wanting to build these skills. As it is user friendly and structured largely in sets of 10 instructions at a time it can be used daily.

– Yes there can be user/student profiles developed for each person
– The instructions can be selected across a range of categories and complexities to suit the goals of the user.
– The app saves each users selections for when they return to play again.
– You can progress automatically through questions or set up a ‘next’ button to ensure people can progress at an individual pace.
– Sounds are produced for both correct and incorrect responses. Both can be enables and disabled. There is the option to redo an answer and to then resubmit it which allows for another chance to listen and have a go.

Yes the app certainly targets auditory processing, auditory memory and comprehension of verbal instructions. The instructions are user friendly and highly relevant for the age range the app is designed for.

The app price is $19.99 and could be made more affordable.
The Language is American English and could be offered in a range of Languages and accents.

What did you like about this app? I liked the graded instructions which increased in complexity in both vocabulary and length. The basketball theme as it was friendly to all users and didn’t overwhelm the user. The app is so well explained and is very user friendly. Also having the performance reports produced can help users to keep track of their progress over time.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

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