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Forgetful is a reminders and to-do list app using audio or video reminders.

Format iPhone, iPad
Age Range high school, adult
Motivators noise/auditory, visual
Curriculum/Goal Areas personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Individual Supports
Targeted Skills The app will support people who would benefit from visual or auditory information to remember activities or events. Written reminders can also be included.
Great For
  • This app is similar to using an electronic calendar, although the appointments can be recorded verbally or through a video.
  • This app is great for people who have difficulty typing words or sentences.

Examples of when it could be used include:

  • record the shopping list
  • video a recording of a number you will call when an activity has finished
  • record or video phrases to initiate interactions or conversations.
Please Consider
  • The app will need to be upgraded in order to save more than two reminders at a time. This will cost $3.79.
  • The notification sounds are limited to bells, a horn or a beeper.
Generalise Skills and Knowledge
  • Independence in using the app could be built upon so that the person does not require support to add his or her reminders, or to have someone reminding them about activities or lists.



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