Writing Wizard for Kids

By pierre abel

Writing Wizard for Kids

Writing Wizard for Kids is a motivating and visually pleasing resource that helps users learn how to trace letters and numbers. With a range of fonts and ability to customize word lists, this app is highly effective to engage students and make writing fun again!

Writing Wizard for Kids

What we think

Individualized Support and Services – you can adapt the app a variety of ways (sounds, pictures, reinforcements). For example, you can choose if you want the picture to match the letter (ie, an apple to trace ‘a’ or not).

Highly Structured and Supportive Learning Environment – you can use ‘5 star’ mode which increases in complexity with each star. This gives great repetition and a reward of congratulatory noise, visual firework of the letter and 5 stars at the end. Each letter follows the same structure, and gives the same reinforcing noise and visual.

Yes. The app has a tab for parents (you need to complete a times table to open this section) which tells you how to use each section and how to customize the app. The settings tab is complex (as there are many adaptations you can make) but easy to use, and easy to trial.

This app can target fine motor skills: letter formation, reversals/directionality and orientation to the line. You can first use your finger and then use a stylus to transition to writing, as the app suggests. There is a mode for ‘b d p’ which are commonly reversed.

Spelling there is a mode for short words, and you can export these as worksheets also.

Exported worksheets the worksheets you can export, you can adapt: size of the letters, coloured start/end points on or off, directionality arrows on/off and dotted lines on/off depending on the stage the child is at.

Numeracy there is a number mode to write numbers, it can help early years with number recognition.


Noise when

–          You move your finger off track

–          You touch the line/s

–          You start

–          You finish and succeed

–          You can turn on ‘5 star’ mode where the 5 stars dance above the letter/number

–          The letter turns into a game (the pictures fall down) and you can move them around using your finger or the ipad, when you complete each letter

You could not use this app if you are easily over stimulated by visual information or have epilepsy. There are many different graphics that move, and it is white on blue (not high contrast). It is extremely fun for those reasons, but limits use to those who can withstand this sensory input; it is likely to over-stimulate children if done before bed with the graphics and noises it associates with. It would be fine for the majority of our population if it was followed with heavy work and completed at least an hour before bed.

Anyone could use the app, but the app is best supported by an OT to grade the ‘5 star’ process to make it appropriately graded/achievable for that child. That being said, our key therapist model would be able to manage this without OT input, and parents could just use it as it comes. It can be highly individualised to their level though, if it is a main goal area.

Yes, you can record yourself/the child saying the letter (as it is American) so that they hear the appropriate sound for the letter/number.

You can record yourself saying what verbal prompt you want for the letter and it will play during the example drawing. For example, you can record yourself saying ‘starts like a c, up to the sky, down to the line’ or whatever approach you have taught, and it will play.

You can choose whether to have a modelled drawing to trace, or to imitate, or to write independently.

You can choose and adapt what is required at each level to get a star (5 stars is max), for example, the thickness of the lines to trace.

The pictures can be adapted, you can write with a pen or moving pictures virtually.

Yes, it targets fine motor skills (namely letter formations/directionality and reversals)

High contrast colours like yellow on black available.

Everything, especially how fun it is!


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Numeracy

Fine Motor Skills
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