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Additional Description

Clicky Sticky is a fun and interactive app suitable for a wide range of people. It allows the user to select different objects to place in picture scenes. The scene can then be ‘played’, allowing the individual to narrate a story.

Format iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age Range under school, early primary
Motivators noise/auditory, visual
Curriculum/Goal Areas literacy, critical/ creative, personal social
Evidence-based Intervention Individual Supports, Family Involvement
Targeted Skills Narrative development, choice making
Great For

Supporting creative thinking to make up simple stories. The stories could be as simple or complex as the individual requires.
Could be used to develop basic location concepts, e.g., put the baby elephant next to the big elephant.
A wide variety of scenes and pictures are included in the app.

Please Consider

There are no instructions included in the app so it may take some time to learn all the functions.
The individual’s own photos cannot be used in the app.
Additional supports may be useful to teach the individual a clear narrative sequence.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

Support the individual to develop a narrative sequence,e.g., introduction, problem, solution, conclusion. Consider using the app to motivate an individual to use these sequences, then incorporate the steps into other narrative tasks, e.g., homework activities.



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