Bop It!

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Additional Description

 A really fun and motivating app that will wake you up and get you moving. This app is great for learning about how to use an iPad touch screen.

Format iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age Range early primary, late primary, high school
Motivators noise/auditory, visual, verbal praise
Curriculum/Goal Areas ICT, critical/ creative, personal social
Evidence-based Intervention
Targeted Skills Touch screen skills include dragging, touching, flicking and spinning the screen.
Great For

 A quick sensory/movement break
Teaching students how they can use an ipad touch screen

Please Consider

The level of difficulty is quite high so try the app out yourself before giving it to a child to use. If an app is too hard it could be quite frustrating and disheartening.
The verbal feedback on error could be perceived as negative by some users.

Generalise Skills and Knowledge

The goal of using this ipad is for the specific goal of learning how to use a touch screen. The skills learnt through this app may automatically generalise to other apps.



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